DGS Delicatessen

So my Sunday started out not too great with running late and the brunch we arrived to being crazy packed. We tried to do the freak show STK brunch but we were a little too late. Sidenote, STK is sooo small here and I didn’t get that grown and sexy feel I got when I went to the one in NY. Maybe I should go another day and check it out.

So as we’re trying to figure out what we are going to do next, I realize I got a Gilt City deal for DGS a Delicatessen. We were walking distance from it and I was STARVING! We walked in and brunch is of course over and we are offered their limited lunch menu. It was not a lot to choose from, but everything everyone was eating around us looked amazing.

20150118_170659(Excuse the blurry picture. I was rushing to snap and this is what I got)



We started out with two speciality drinks which the amazing waiter told us they are known for and for good reason. I ordered The Schmoozer which comes with house infused plum vodka, ginger beer, mint, and lime. My friend ordered the Mazel Tov Cocktail which was great as well. This cocktail came with prosecco rose, averell plum gin, lavender syrup and lemon. Yummers!


We started out with a house salad that we split. The house salad was perfect with the dressing and everything. I’m not joking. Lol! We both ended up ordering the half pound housemade pastrami which can add up when you start to add extra stuff to it. I’m not a big mustard person but the sandwich is amazing. I added provolone cheese and sauerkraut. My friend added lettuce and tomatoe to hers.


The sandwich is huge! We still decided to try dessert after being super stuffed and decided to go for the bloody Orange Hot Toddy which was a cool take on the original Hot Toddy. The amazing waiter gave us a few donuts to try because we were only doing one or the other but she insisted. The donuts are not your average donut but so good and have a creamy feeling.


I was thoroughly impressed with my entire experience. I will also try to make it back for brunch because they have a great deal for brunch and lunch specials that I didn’t know about until I went onto the website.


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