I’m Watching You!

I'm Watching You!

This look was actually inspired by the sunglasses and then it went from there. I hope you all enjoy this look as much as I do. This is giving me Spring because outdoors is giving me no hope at all!


Where has time gone? I remember turning 25 and next thing I know I’m turning 29. What a journey life has taken me on. It’s helped me to grow as well as see life from all angles. Things have been a challenge in various aspects but they have all helped me to grow and know that I am a unique person. I will continue to be unique because it makes me, me. 

 I am grateful for all that have continued with me on this journey called life. All of you keep me sane. Lol…believe or not. My brain goes a mile a minute and I love all of you for that. 

 Thanks for all the birthday wishes! I felt so special on my birthday and I still feel special. 😀

Here are a few photo recaps from the weekend I had on IG

New York Fashion Week February 2015

I made my way to New York thanks to my friend Lauren of DollCirca1930 having an amazing event planned . She did a pop up for her birthday in New York at a chic art gallery. The set up was perfect. I was so proud of Lauren. I’m getting very emotional right now because I remember pushing my friend to start her jewelry line and to see how far she has come, I’m oh so proud.

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Bar Bacon Review

While in NY, my friends always know the cool food spots. I got the chance to check out this spot called Bar Bacon where every dish includes bacon. Do not take your vegetarian friends or non pork eaters here, they’d hate you. Lol!

I had so many choices to make from the menu. So many good things to choose from.

I started out with brussels sprouts with bacon in a yogurt. So good! I will attempt to make this on my own.


I choose the pork wings with sauerkraut underneath. The waitress recommended this and I was thoroughly impressed. I tend to stray away from pork chops but this as wings was amazing!


My bff got chilli and their version of grilled cheese. I think he thought his was pretty good.


I will definitely make my way back to this place. Very good service, atmosphere, and food!

Modcloth Layering Pieces

Modcloth Layering Pieces

I got a chance to style three layering pieces for Modcloth. I was super stoked to be chosen to put looks together. Continue reading

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas
It’s that time of the year to spoil someone! I decided to pick some pieces I thought were thoughtful and all under $300. Men tend to be simple but do like thoughtful gifts. Women tend to like you to think more of something she could wear on a regular basis or something sexy for that night. It all depends on how long you have been with this person but remember to be creative and thoughtful.

Healthy Bites

So while getting my hair done last week, I couldn’t help but stare out the window at Healthy Bites. It was diagonal from the salon and I was hungry because salons take forever.

I finally finished at the salon and crossed the street. Because of the sunlight I couldn’t tell if it was open or close but I pulled the door and it opened. It was a very clean and simple set up. Not a lot of places to sit so more of a food to go place. There were so many options. I choose the frisco club which comes with turkey, cheese, turkey bacon and avocado with lettuce and tomato. This also comes with a side salad. Super filling meal and it tastes fresh. I will be back!

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