Healthy Bites

So while getting my hair done last week, I couldn’t help but stare out the window at Healthy Bites. It was diagonal from the salon and I was hungry because salons take forever.

I finally finished at the salon and crossed the street. Because of the sunlight I couldn’t tell if it was open or close but I pulled the door and it opened. It was a very clean and simple set up. Not a lot of places to sit so more of a food to go place. There were so many options. I choose the frisco club which comes with turkey, cheese, turkey bacon and avocado with lettuce and tomato. This also comes with a side salad. Super filling meal and it tastes fresh. I will be back!


They also have a service where they can deliver healthy meals for you which I think is great. We all tend to eat bad when we are on the go or we don’t have enough time. There are some great testimonials on the site about how much it has helped saved time and provided healthy eating options.


3 thoughts on “Healthy Bites

  1. I wish we had one of these near my job. There are a lot of healthier options in NYC. Just not walking distance of where I work. That sandwich looks good!

      • Here’s hoping! I kind of just try to make healthy choices from the places nearby. In a world of panini’s, it’s not easy! But, at least my DC people have it!

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