Bar Bacon Review

While in NY, my friends always know the cool food spots. I got the chance to check out this spot called Bar Bacon where every dish includes bacon. Do not take your vegetarian friends or non pork eaters here, they’d hate you. Lol!

I had so many choices to make from the menu. So many good things to choose from.

I started out with brussels sprouts with bacon in a yogurt. So good! I will attempt to make this on my own.


I choose the pork wings with sauerkraut underneath. The waitress recommended this and I was thoroughly impressed. I tend to stray away from pork chops but this as wings was amazing!


My bff got chilli and their version of grilled cheese. I think he thought his was pretty good.


I will definitely make my way back to this place. Very good service, atmosphere, and food!


4 thoughts on “Bar Bacon Review

      • OK. Confession. I haven’t eaten pork in years (not for any religious reasons). I also haven’t eaten meat in about 6 months. That being said, I did indulge in the asparagus (YUMMY), the kale salad, and the sweet potato fries. The kale salad is delicious. It has a tahini dressing with mango, goat cheese, and pumpkin seeds. The sweet potato fries are also very good. My boyfriend had the pulled pork sandwich. He enjoyed it. I don’t think i’ll be eating meat again for a while. But, this was nice. Our waitress was also very friendly. Thanks for recommending!

      • I’m so late but anytime! I’m glad you two had a great experience. I’m glad they had some other options for you since you don’t eat meat. 🙂

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