New York Fashion Week February 2015

I made my way to New York thanks to my friend Lauren of DollCirca1930 having an amazing event planned . She did a pop up for her birthday in New York at a chic art gallery. The set up was perfect. I was so proud of Lauren. I’m getting very emotional right now because I remember pushing my friend to start her jewelry line and to see how far she has come, I’m oh so proud.

image image image image image image image image   image

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She had the event at a spot called Brit Pack. So many hidden gems in New York. Cool layout and very cool artwork throughout.

The next day I was able to check out Mark & Estel’s show at the Lincoln Center. I had some favorites throughout the show. The ending had to be my favorite with the two designers giving a motivational song to be you and not to be afraid to express your style. I will upload to vimeo and upload later. You have to excuse the blurred pictures. I only came with my phone and my iPad so I had to make it work. =) Enjoy.


I actually wasn’t planning to go to any shows and then a friend had an extra RSVP. To my surprise, I was sitting on the second row and got a gift bag. What a great start to an almost birthday week!


2 thoughts on “New York Fashion Week February 2015

  1. Oh goodness. Why did you tell us about this young lady and her fab designs? You forced me to buy a bracelet from her site! It’s gorgeous! I see a pair of earrings I might want to get as well.

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