Dessange Paris Review

I was sent products from Influenster to test out. The products were from the brand Dessange Paris for blonde hair. I’m not a true blonde but was curious about using the product on my dyed blonde hair. The product smells amazing and didn’t leave my hair feeling dry. 

I tested out the shampoo, conditioner, and their brass color correcting creme. The color correcting creme is quite effective. I was impressed at how my hair looked a little more platinum. I don’t think the picture fully gives it justice but just an idea.



I also discovered that they have a salon in Chevy Chase, MD. The salon looks awesome.

Johnny Pistolas Review

Brunch is probably one of my favorite meals. I had the chance, thanks to a friends birthday brunch, to try out Johnny Pistolas. This is an LA inspired Taqueria which means a taco shop or a place that makes tacos.

The ambiance is really chill and relaxed. You can come dressed however you like. They have a great music selection. It’s more on the techno side as well as some salsa styled music towards the end of the brunch.

The food was amazing! Everything came out fresh. I feel like they could have used more help at the table for a party of 14. One person is just not enough and our glasses ran empty at some points with the bottomless drinks. The drinks are really really good. You can choose from Bloody Mary, white and red sangria, and mimosas. They do have a two hour limit with bottomless food and drinks but you can definitely eat a lot within that time.

Here are some pictures of some of the awesome dishes I was able to try. I wanted to get pictures of it all but it was a little impossible. Lol.

   This was the Earthy bowl. This was my favorite dish. This is a vegetarian dish but everything was seasoned wonderfully. This dish comes with seared tomatoes, avocado, pickled red onions, vegetables, cilantro, radishes, and lime-coriander crema. I will go back just for this dish. Most of the people I was with were against it until they tasted how flavorful it was.

  This dish is the biscuit and pork confit. This dish comes with homemade buttermilk biscuits, pork confit gravy, and pickled red onions. This was probably the least favorite dish. I did not try it all so you will have to judge for yourself.

 You can’t go to a Taqueria without trying the tacos. This was the pollo asado taco. This taco was great! It comes with citrus marinated grilled chicken, green salsa, and cheese. So good!

I wish I got a picture of the chips and salsa they start you out with. It comes with a huge chip and a mild salsa and a spicy salsa. The guacamole is made fresh and it is soooo good as well. Even with the somewhat slow service, I will go back and just make sure I go with a smaller party for faster service hopefully.

Vince Camuto VIP Event!!!

On Wednesday, there will be an awesome Family& Friends event being hosted by Elle of We will be having a VC Watch giveaway! There will be champagne to wind down your evening and enjoy. We have some great pieces in! Event starts at 6pm!

Please rsvp at

Hope to see you all there!

Spring Inspired

Spring Inspired

Spring is almost here and I have been inspired. Spring is when colors tend to get brighter and more vibrant. Flowers bloom and we spend a lot more with nature. I can’t wait for Spring to come into full swing. Happy Early Spring!

Modern Day Cinderella

Modern Day Cinderella

I don’t know if it’s the little kid that is waiting to jump out and play on the jungle gyms but I am super excited bout the new Cinderella that is coming out. I was so inspired by the costumes that I decided to create what I would wear if I was a modern day Cinderella. I think the movie might be great. The costumes are what are going to have me super excited. 😉

Great Cheap Eats in DC

There are so many places to eat at in DC but finding the affordable good places tend to be hard to find. I have gone tons of places throughout DC and I am here to help you cure your hunger. When you are on a budget or you just want a cheap good find, I am here to help!

These are in no particular order but here goes my list:

1. Angelico Pizzeria

This spot has various locations. My favorite is the location in Tenleytown. They cheap slizes that taste better than any jumbo slice I’ve ever had. They also have quite a few meals under $10 and they are super filling.

2. Steak’n Egg Kitchen

This place has been around since forever and is open 24 hours. You can get some amazing food here. Everything is made fresh and right in front of you. The prices are super reasonable but don’t go with a big group. This place seats about 10 people but in the summer a lot more will be able to sit outside. I do know they are about to close down so they can build an apartment complex above it and I believe they will have more seating inside in the future. We have to wait and see.

3. Masa 14

If you go here various days of the week, you will be in for a treat. They have a daily happy hour from 5pm to 7pm everyday including weekends. On Monday, they have half price bottles of wine. They have happy hour drinks all night on Tuesdays. There is half price sushi on Wednesdays. On Sunday, they have a Sunday aftermath with a DJ and happy hour with food starts at 5pm.

4. Busboys & Poets Takoma Park

So we all know about Busboys & Poets but did you guys know one opened right off of Takoma Metro station?! It’s not as small as I thought it would be. It is still pretty new so they are working out the kinks but this is a way to escape the busy U street and K Street area and go to a small artsy neighborhood. At this one, you are least likely to run into anyone you know. Shhh…our little secret. 😉 If I’m not mistaken they have a Happy Hour from 5pm to 7pm, Monday through Friday but I will double check.

5. Nooshi

This place is a hidden gem for you sushi loves. Everything is $22 or under but for the most part under $15. It is super affordable. They have a great set up and the food is amazing!

6. El Tamarindo

This is one of the best home-style mexican & salvadoran cuisine restaurants. The food tastes better than any of these chain mexican restaurants. It is authentic and fresh. The prices are extremely reasonable and their happy hour has crazy great prices for various food items and drinks.

7. Tsunami Sushi

I have never personally been to this location but I was recommended it as a good cheap eat. This place has crazy good deals on sushi. You can get a 6 piece roll for $3.75. Sign me up! This place also has thai food as well. I might be by here this week. Yum! They also have a happy hour Monday through Friday; 5pm to 7pm and Saturday and Sunday; 4pm to 6pm. Weekend happy hours are the business!

8. Fast Gourmet

This place is a hidden gem. This is one of those places you would be afraid to enter because it is attached to some generic gas station. Please don’t be afraid. LOL! This place has amazing things to eat. I’ve had quite a few things here and have never been disappointed. I also heard about their cuban sandwich. Although I am not a huge mustard fan, I might have to give this sandwich a try. Prices range up to $10.

9. Hashi Sushi

Maybe it’s time for me to get some sushi! LOL! This spot is not a big restaurant nor is it super cheap. The reason I decided to add this spot is because of their lunch special. Go for lunch! They have an amazing bento box for $12.95. This is available Monday through Friday 11:30am to 3pm excluding holidays.

10. Amsterdam Falafel

Why did I not hunt this place down while in Amsterdam?! I might have to make my way back just to find this place is Amsterdam. This one is for my vegetarians! This was one of the first places I ever tried a falafel and I was hooked! This spot has two locations. One is in Adams Morgan and the other is on 14th street. The 14th street location apparently serves beer. The falafel should be no more than $8.

I hope this list helps you crave your hungry when on a budget or you just don’t feel like spending a bunch of money.

To good eats!

Fringe Fest

Fringe Fest


Who doesn’t love fringe?! Fringe just gives me this crazy excited feeling. It’s something fun yet interesting about the movement. It’s always in motion or it just looks like a piece of art. I love it! I need more of it!