The Lameezy Adventure Brunch

I had the opportunity to check out a friend of mine by the name of Lamar aka Lameezy that is an amazing chef! I remember going to see him at Jackie’s and look at him now. I am super proud. Chase your dreams! Now back to the brunch.

20150329_153553 20150329_154456

This was a 5-course brunch. When I say I probably had too much to eat, I did. I was super impressed with the vegan dishes. They were super flavorful. I have been thinking about becoming a vegetarian for a while. I keep running into great dishes without meat.

Every course had a song to start out the dish and set the tone. Also, every dish was explained to us as to what it was.

First Dish – Orange Tomato Basil Bisque20150329_163941

Second Dish – Kale Sautéed with Red Onions, Pineapple Chutney, Star, Pork Belly Brown Sugar, and Blood Orange20150329_170608

 Dish – Lobster Bisque, Cheese Grits, Sautéed Asparagus, Corn, Red Peppees, with Truffle Butter Lobster20150329_174058

Fourth Dish – Pina Colada Chicken & Waffles20150329_180758

Fifth Dish – French Toast Parfait20150329_184207



2 thoughts on “The Lameezy Adventure Brunch

  1. I met you about two weeks ago in the mall with my mom. Loving you blog and especially this post. When I move there this summer is love to lunch/brunch with you. Although I’m not skinny, I love to eat too😉

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