DC Eats: BlackJack

I am not a huge seafood person but I made my way upstairs to BlackJack on 14th street NW. I just discovered they are apart of the same restaurant group as Pearl Dive which is where I originally thought I was going. The two places are slightly different.

I had the pleasure of going for a friends birthday celebration. I love how the booths are set up. You feel like you are in your own little area and you can actually hear each other. Very cool set up. I took a look at drinks and food and decided to go for the Moscow Mule which I have been curious about for years. Come to find out, it’s the same as a Dark & Stormy but with vodka. Where have I been and why wasn’t I on that drink before? 

 I ordered for my main dish a shrimp dish. I can not find it on any online menus so here goes my description, nice sized seasoned shrimp on the top of a piece of toasted bread. Licks lips in desperation for it again! It was delicious. I got a side of the french fries which comes with three sauces; cayenne aioli, dive aioli, and ketchup. Very tasty fries and it comes with a great amount. 

 I would like to go back just for these dishes but I also saw some other things I would like to try next time as well. All my seafood lovers should check this place out. 


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