DC Eats: Maketto

When bloggers that love to eat and enjoy scenery want to hang out, where do we go? But of course, Maketto. This is the new hot spot on H Street NE. We met up on a Sunday for “brunch”. They actually don’t have any major brunch dishes but by the time we got there, it was well into the lunch hours. The set up of this place is perfect. I feel like I am somewhere else, not even in the US. I love the open space and the staff is super friendly and knowledgeable. I felt very welcome which you don’t get everywhere.


To find a seat there wasn’t too bad. I think they have a good amount and you can sit inside or outside, upstairs or downstairs. Lots of options. They also sell clothing up front and other artsy things you can purchase to take home with you. These are pieces everyone won’t have so I think it’s well worth purchasing.

We took a look over the menu and made some executive decisions, LOL! Wasn’t too hard to decide on what to get. I started out with their Pina Colada which has rum in and some other awesome things. It doesn’t have any pina colada in it but it tastes like pina colada. It’s hard to explain the consistency of it but it’s light and delicious.

I ordered the Pork Steam Bao which is $6 and the Cambodian Sandwich which is $9. The cool thing about this place is that all the breads are made fresh. This makes a huge difference with how food tastes.


DSC_0889 DSC_0890My friend ordered the Cambodian Pork Noodle soup which was flavorful. I will definitely be ordering this next time.DSC_0892Oh hey, it’s just me and Elle (left) from EatStylePlay.

DSC_0896Me just dancing. LOL! They have an awesome DJ.DSC_0904DSC_0916
DSC_0906Behind that tree is the DJ booth.DSC_0909DSC_0912Me being me. LOLOL! DSC_0913Brea of WhatIWoreTipToToe


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