We Don’t Support Cosmo Nails DC

So I get off in time from work to make it to what I think is the happy hour at the Cosmo Nail shop in Adams Morgan. I’ve been to this place before and had a great experience. I have a story for you this second time.

I am headed to the nail shop and I look online before I get there and see that you can get a Gel Manicure & Pedicure for $50. I want you all to read that statement one more time for me and tell me what you guys read. 

So anyway they are really nice throughout the process and now it’s time to pay. They say oh, the pedicure is $45 and the manicure is $26. I say, oh no it’s not. The website says it’s a Gel Manicure and Pedicure for $50. Instead of them giving great customer service, the manager argues me down. I tell her all I’m willing to pay is $50 because that is what is on the website. Next, is what took me over the edge. She threatens to call the police and you know what I tell her, please do!

She calls and I listen in to what she’s saying. I don’t have time for lies and I’m also still in shock that me as a paying customer showed the website and she says oh that’s for a regular pedicure. Not on any line of the website does it say with that combo is a regular manicure.

I sit and wait for about 20 minutes for the police to get there. She then goes and finds some paper, not the website and shows the prices I was never shown nor never read. I kind of go back and forth with her and then I tell the police officer to please look at the website.

He looks at the site and see’s what I see. He talks to the manager privately and during this time ANOTHER officer shows up. I’m furious but I’m also keeping my composure. These situations require a black woman to keep her composure because things could have went left quickly. I was beyond angry. 

The manager keeps going on and on about how it doesn’t say “and gel manicure” but did it say “and regular manicure”? No it did not!

The other cop hears the story and the cops both side with me after about 45 minutes. They say she saw $50 so she can pay that. Once I pay for it the manager is still being rude to me. I said we all could have been done with this an hour ago. I pay and leave.

I just want to say I have never been to an establishment that does not make a customer happy. This shop is new and in Adams Morgan where a lot of Caucasians live. I guess the Asians thought because I’m black that I don’t know my rights and that I don’t know what I saw. I felt really insulted and I hope that anyone that is black does not support this business in any way. This is not how you treat your customers. 


4 thoughts on “We Don’t Support Cosmo Nails DC

  1. SMH! So unfortunate you had to deal with this and get the police involved over a mani and pedi. Usually the customer is right and most business owners will honor if they made a mistake with promotions and advertising. Thanks for the honest review. As someone always looking for new nail salons in DC I’ll be sure not to give them

  2. Wowwwwww. It’s crazy because regardless of how the situation goes, when we’re indignant, we look like the “angry black woman.” So glad you kept your composure amongst all that drama, love!

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