DC Eats: Barcelona

It’s quite rare that I’m asked to dinner and to pick somewhere I’ve never been. I was a little stumped. I had to put my thinking cap on, as they would tell us to do as kids lol, and I came up with two places. One was soon to close but Barcelona was open the latest.

I looked over the menu somewhat before I got there but you have to actually be at the restaurant to get the run down of everything. I’ve been to Spain but not Barcelona. I guess the dishes are very different in Malagá. I tried so many things and most of it was really good and really fresh.

First dish was Albondigas which is made with Spiced Meatballs in Ham Tomato paste. This was pretty good but also pretty filling by itself. The next dish was from their Tomato, To-ma-toe section. They apparently change their menu daily. The chef goes to near by markets and whatever he sees that catches his eye could be the dish of the week. It’s pretty cool to know that things are picked fresh and you know where it came from.

This dish was the Hierloom Tomato Salad which is made with Purple Haze Cheese and Garden Herbs. This dish was so refreshing. I really like tomatoes despite the interesting taste to them. 

Next was the one of the ensaladas. The salad I chose was Ensalada Mixta. This salads come with three of my favorite things to eat; olives, onions, and tomatoes.  Next was a very interesting dish. This dish was made with Blood Sausage and Potatoes with an awesome sauce on top. This dish was the most interesting. It definitely had a different taste to it. Kind of reminded me of what people say beef tartare tastes like. I can not remember the real name of this dish to save my life but if you say blood sausage, they’ll know what it is.  The next dish was Chicken & Jamon Croquettas which is made with garlic aioli. This was pretty good as well. You can’t go wrong with chicken or croquettes. This is what I would call a safe dish if you aren’t trying to venture off too much.  

 The last and final dish ordered was the Crispy Calamari. This was very good. It was the perfect texture and the crispy portion was just right also. I love calamari. Yum! It comes with a dipping sauce that might have been a little too spicy for my liking but I tired it.  

 I can’t forget about the Malbec wine I ordered which I really, really liked. Some of hesitant on red wine. You have to find the right one and then you’ll become a fan.  If you like other wines, they have an extensive list of wines so you will most definitely find one you like. 

I think this restaurant has a very cool and unique set up where you can actually see into the kitchen. The service is top notch and they are extremely knowledgable on everything. They do have a late night menu which included one or two of the above dishes and they are actually cheaper. I believe the late night menu starts at 12am. If looking for some authentic food at that hour, go here. You won’t be disappointed.



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