DC Eats: Fig & Olive

So we all know about Fig & Olive having its simonella break maybe a month or two ago but that was handled. Everyone was like you know that’s the place that had the outbreak. I said yes, but now the food should be better than ever. Especially if that happens again, that’s it for them. Lol.

A friend of mine was back in town and I was trying to think of somewhere different to do lunch. I took a look at Fig and Olive’s prix fix lunch menu which is a steal at $25.  And here we were.

 image  imageWe started out with bread along with three different olive oils to dip in. This was tasty, but I had to remember that it was a three course meal coming.
 I started out with Salmon Crudo which reminds me of sashimi but without the rice. It’s served in oil with a little garnish. Very fresh. One of my favorite dishes of the three course meal.

 The main course was Riviera salmon which I wasn’t a big fan of. The plating was beautiful though. I just think I’m not a huge fan of cooked salmon and more of a lover of raw salmon. My friend loved my dish and I ended up loving her Fall Vegetables Linguinie. Next time I’m getting her dish.

 And last but not least I finished it up with dessert. The waiter accidentally thought I ordered the Amarena Cherry Crostini but he let me keep the original dish and corrected it with the Chocolate Pot de Creme. This came with a Creme top and underneath was the jello like chocolate. I will go back just for this. It tasted like….it had me speechless. Lol.

   My overall experience here was superb. This place gives great service as well as quality food. The ambiance alone is worth checking this place out. I will be back super soon.



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