Skin Bliss Review

I love skincare as some of you may know, I worked in skincare for 2 years. I love to try new products out. The new company is called Skin Bliss. This company noticed there was something missing in their skincare products when they moved to a new state. They were able to create Vegan beauty products for the skin. These products are not tested on animals nor do they contain parabens and toxins just to name a few about these new products. They are created by hand. 

I got to test out the body scrub and the body frosting. I love the name body frosting because it actually feels like you are putting body frosting on your body. The Vanialla Beam scent is amazing. The scent does go away so feel free to put whatever perfume or scent you would like to wear that day because it will not over power it. You do, however feel moisturized the entire day which I was thoroughly impressed with. The Grapefruit scent of the body scrub was not my favorite which could be a personal opinion. The scrub was however amazing on my body and feet. I am usually on my feet for 8 hours if not longer a day so a nice scrub at night is like being at an at-home spa. I liked my results.

Definitely check out this brand and products. They do cost you $22 each but will last you for quite a while. You will not be disappointed. I would now need to check out the Key Lime Body Frosting. Yum! 

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