DC Eats: Republic

When friends are in town, what do we do? We go out to eat and drink as much as we can while catching up about life. We had a place in mind to do happy hour but the happy hour wasn’t right and the vibes weren’t right either. So, we made our way to Republic. I’ve probably been to this place 4 or 5 times but I figured by this point, it was time to add them to my blog.

This place is known for their seafood, in particular their oysters. I decided I wanted to try something off of their menu I had never tried which were their mussels and deviled eggs with a twist to them. My friend got the calamari.

img_5393  img_5392
For happy hour, the mussels are $7 and the deviled eggs are $6. I have to tell you guys about these mussels. I might be back weekly for these. I had mussels somewhere else before and I thought that I liked them the best but boy was I wrong! These mussels were just perfect and the sauce they were in was not too heavy while still being well seasoned with tomatoes and a few other ingredients.

The deviled eggs were not my favorite. A very unique taste to them. Not your average deviled eggs.

My friend’s calamari was delicious. One thing about this place is that they are not skimpy on the portions. They give you a good amount of food.

I highly recommend you to check out this place. I always have great service when I go here. The food has been great every time. They are very knowledgable about their food and have a pretty good sized bar for a variety of drinks. The bar is the only place to catch happy hour so try not to get there too late, it fills up quickly. They do offer some late night deals various days of the week. This spot is low key but a great atmosphere.

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