Trunk Club DC

I was invited to Trunk Club DC by Tippi to check out what it is she was working on as well as seeing what amazing pieces she pulled for me and others that attended.

Hey Tippi!

I arrived to the location and waited to get buzzed up. Upon entering this place, I was curious as to what I would be walking into. It was a showroom with a beautiful view of the city as well as cool wooden fitting room doors with various brand names engraved into the doors. We were greeted with champagne and strawberries. We moved into a seating area with men’s swatches for suiting, leather couches, and a beautiful round glass table.

We went around and said who we were and what we do in the city. This was fun because we got to hear about what everyone was working on in the city. Some of the things people are doing are starting their own businesses, traveling for inspiration, and finding inspiration everyday to do creative things.

Charlotte of Char’s Cookie Jar was nice enough to bring us a whole batch of her made from scratch cookies. They were amazing by the way. You can see more of her cookies here We were them all pulled looks to try on. A lot of mine unfortunately didn’t fit because I didn’t create a profile upon arrival but I did like the pieces I was pulled. I have included photos of others that tried on looks and they looked fabulous. The gentlemen’s pieces were pulled just for sizing purposes. These were good fits on him but he thought otherwise.



I was overall impressed with this establishment and also how professional Tippi was.

Oh hey, thats me. The pieces didn’t fit me this go round but you’ll love my second post coming soon.

You can sign up with my link to go and see Tippi here or get a trunk created and shipped to you for free.


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