Day in the Life from 4.20

I occasionally can’t figure out how I do so much in a 24 hour day. I wanted to take you guys into my world on some of my days off.

This particular day started at about 5am to be exact. It was a Daybreakers kind of morning. I attended the event with Morgan of AsItHappens It took place at cafe Asia this go round. We had a good amount of space in here which was nice. We started out with Yoga and then it turned into a dance party with cool visuals on the wall, neon lights, a dope DJ, and a hula hooper.

After this event, I went home and probably got all of a 15 minute nap and I was back out the door. I ran some errands with a friend of mine of a possible place to live. Just cross your fingers for us and we’ll hope for the best with that.

Next, I made my way to Georgetown University’s Farmer’s Market to check out Zayt & Za’Atar. Their motto is Brain Food for Your Body. They specialize in Middle Eastern flatbreads. The flatbread I was about to try out was the Lebanese Bride. It is topped with Labneh, fresh mint, tomatoe, olive oil, and Za’tar. It was so good and everything tatstex fresh. That’s always a plus. They do this every Wednesday from 3pm to 7pm.

Next, I made my way Jrink to redeem my $20 gift card I won at the Easter Jrink Hunt. That was such a fun scavenger hunt. I visited their Eye Street location which had a very knowledgable employee. I went for the Build Me Up which contains raw almonds, vanilla bean, cinnamon, dates, and H2O. It was a great choice and I might just try to make my way to one of their locations for another one soon.

This was one of my all over the city days. I might to try to incorporate these posts if I try something new or do something fun.


One thought on “Day in the Life from 4.20

  1. Wow this sounds like a very interesting day. I just subscribed to follow your blog by email. I already follow you on Ig. This drink place looks pretty cool. My blog today was on yoga for beginners! What a coincidence!

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