Million Women’s March 2017 

I made my way to the Million Women’s March and didn’t know exactly what to expect. I kind of wish I got there earlier or later. I have to learn to go to some things along because it felt a little rushed but I did enjoy myself and the experience was powerful. I wish I saw more women that looked like me there but a lot of women that I know felt differently about what the march was about. After going to the march, I had a moment to take it all, and I totally understood where they were coming from.

I did, however, catch some great images of what I saw at the march. Enjoy. Continue reading

How To Style Over-The-Knee?!


The over-the-knee boot is a must-have. I think this shoe adds a bit of personality to any outfit. Most people notice shoes before they notice the rest of your outfit. An outfit can be super simple, but if you have that unique shoe, boom!

I have seen brands from Marc by Marc Fischer to the high priced Stuart Weitzman. These will be shoes that you will be able to wear year after year.

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