A Day Without a Woman

But did you die?! I’m just kidding, but I, unfortunately, had to work. I did, however, make my day count. I wore red, ate somewhere that supported the movement, and donated some clothing for a great cause.

I knew I had to work, so I wanted to make in impact in my own way. I found one of my favorite red dresses, no pictures, unfortunately. I then did some research on who in Gallery Place area was supporting the cause. I found Centrolina which has a woman as a chef and she is phenomenal. 

Centrolina offers authentic, regional Italian cooking. Chef Amy Brandwein’s CityCenterDC Italian donated 10-percent of sales in the market to Running Start, an organization that supports young women entering politics. Woo-boo!

I went solo and it was nice to just sit and read and totally ditch social media. I observed my surroundings because this place was just so beautiful. Lots of men in very nice suits and sprinkles of women in red there probably for the same reason as me. I saw most employees there be it a man or woman wearing some type of red. It felt great to be there.

I ordered the Paillard which is made with grilled herbed chicken, quinoa & mustard leaves with lemon vinegarette. This dish was so flavorful and appreciated the fact that the chicken wasn’t shredded on top. It was a huge piece on the bottom and I almost thought I might not have been able to finish it. The dish was also $19 which was a major splurge for me but all in the name of greater good, I did it.

I ended the evening with a a Trunk Club team outing at The Smith. This is like our go-to spot because it’s so close and the food so good! The mac & cheese is just done so beautifully. They have other great dishes and drinks. They have Riesling on tap and some of the best I’ve ever had.

Well this concludes my ‘A Day without a Woman’. How did you all spend your ‘A Day Without a Woman’?

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