The Black Film Festival in Miami….

I meant to blog about this a while ago, but I got to see one movie apart of the Black Film Festival called Joy Road. This movie took place in one of the roughest parts of Detroit. I have been to Detroit and it seems pretty rough from what I have seen.

This movie was about a lawyer who was ┬áin what we call a high class marriage (the wife had a pretty high paying job and he was a lawyer) and had to be the lawyer of his sister’s boyfriend that was framed by the Police to have killed someone. The movie takes you on many bumpy roads with the wife being too bougie to accept her husband’s sister and the fact that it’s his sister’s boyfriend that was framed. He couldn’t say no to the case despite his life being on the line the entire time.

This movie showed what a lot of lawyers that deal with murder cases have to go through. It was a pretty rough movie. It looked like a beginner movie but it had two to three known actors, which was cool.

Here is a picture of the director on the far right (in all black) with others that worked on the film and the lawyer on the left of the director is someone that is pretty important because you don’t want any legal issues with your film.