The Short Haircut Wave

I been on.  I think that this wave is amazing. It is time to let your real hair shine is what I think is happening. We are giving guys and even women a false look into how we actually look or should actually look.

If you can rock a short haircut, it’s no stopping you. A lot of celebrities have taken the leap. Some of these celebrities are Beyonce of recently, Rihanna of recently, and Miley’s hair has just been to die for. I just did a random tweet yesterday about hair and teeth which was totally inappropriate but was called for. I hear the price of weave and it makes me cringe sometimes. Why add and not just make what you have look fabulous.

Take a look at Beyonce’s new leap! I think it looks great and no I’m not a Beyonce stan but I call out what I like.

beyonce-hair-cut-3-550x420(Image from


I am still debating about tickets to this. Her outfits are hot, my friend is touring with her on this “I AM” tour. Can anyone give me input on how the concert is? I watched some YouTube videos of it, she wasn’t giving me what I needed, now my friend was SERVING….Beyonce needs to step it up before I drop $100+ on her tour.