Bill Cunningham Documentary RECAP

We started the evening out at Current since the Capitol Deal was offering open bar which was AMAZING! And I got some sushi from there, it was YUMMY! I love Current!

When I found out that Bethesda Row was having all these fashion events going on and that they would be showing Bill Cunningham’s for FREE! I hoped, skiped, and back flipped to it! I heard that the documentary was amazing and it was that. I mean I had moments when I laughed, almost cried, felt for the guy, and admired the guy all at the same time.

Like all he does is take pictures and doesn’t boast about it or do it for the money, like he does it because he LOVES doing it and he just so happens to be amazing at it.

We luckily got to go to the after party event where they fed us and fed us and we got this refreshing drink, like I would go back and get that drink again since it was so good!

Here are some recap pics from that evening::::

Please excuse the bad quality pictures, I was so out of commission with my camera but it works now…WOOHOOO! =)