Blogger Scene ReCap

IMG_20140507_182640Blogger Scene is the event I think I look forward to every year.  I always get to see bloggers that I otherwise wouldn’t see on a regular basis.  I guess I call it the bloggers reunion, lol.  This event is put on by Ashley of Ashley in DC and Natalie and Erika of The Fashionably Broke. Continue reading

Blogger Week™ UnConference Comes To Washington, DC



The leading social network connecting Black bloggers, journalists and social media gurus launches 1st annual Blogger Week™ in Washington, DC.

WASHINGTON, D.C. —  Blogger Week™ 2014 is a multicultural festival of bloggers, journalists and social media mavens with the purpose of providing an informative atmosphere for bloggers to network and share innovative ideas. Hosted by Black Bloggers Connect, Blogger Week™ features four days of online festivities and two days of in-person events from April 28th – May 3rd. Activities include Twitter parties, Google Hangouts, workshops, panels, and networking events. Blogger Week™ in-person events will be hosted in Washington, DC and surrounding areas. Continue reading

DC FABB Bloggers Meet Up @ Violet Boutique

Ok. First of all, what an awesome event!!!! Like I always somewhat look at DC as a fashionable place thanks to my fashionable friends but there are actually others out there grinding in the fashion world. I met some amazing people. I also got some snapshots of some of my favorite outfits I saw at the event.

I kind of wish I got to take more pictures but such is life! This event was put together by DC Fabb which is The DC Fashion and Beauty Bloggers network. This group was founded by Liz Fassbender
( and Lacey Maffettone ( as a way for DC area fashion and beauty bloggers to connect, collaborate and organize events in the DC area.

Enjoy the pictures taken at Violet Boutique!!!!

Waverly of

Alina from, her dress was AWESOME!

Mika of, Ujji B of

                                                                              and ME!!!! =)

Mika and I playing around in the mirror

Katie, she just looked FAB!
Ujji B or Ujji B Styles 

This is a repeat picture but I had to add it!

This is a picture from Karrian @