DC, Turning into a Bike Only City?

I remember Mayor Adrian Fenty starting the whole bike rental locations throughout DC but I think DC is really trying to become a biking and walking only city.  Only time will tell with this one, but it would be extremely eco-friendly and would be affordable to those that are sick of paying these high prices for metro and those that also don’t want the high bill of a car note and insurance.

Well, let me introduce you to Capital Bikeshare which is offering a $50 a year membership for their September launch which is a true…true bargain and I am extra tempted but how much biking would I really be doing in the fall….*scratches head*. They also have prices if you only want to use it for a day or for a certain amount of hours.  This sounds extra neat to me and I need some kind of extracurricular because walking is no longer fun and I loved how my legs looked when I ran track.  So biking might become my next true passion.

On an even funnier note, the black guy that is used throughout the advertisements on the site, he definitely went to Wilson SHS….LOL.  You can’t escape these Wilson Tigers…LOL. =P