You Do What You Want…

….When You Poppin! Lol! My 30th birthday is in less than two weeks. Unbelievable. Well to get the festivities started, I teamed up with an amazing photographer by the name of Lawrencia. Her company is called Pewnology. I also teamed up with an amazing make up artist named Courtney. And it was of course styled by me.  The shoot was themed around alter-ego which is my birthday theme. Alter-ego is defined as a person’s secondary or alternative personality. In some shape or form we all have it and I figured why not think outside the box and put together something creative for my 30th. The shoot took place in Chinatown area of Washington, DC. This place at night, is magical! I’m just glad you all can’t tell how cold it was out there by these photos. Lol! Feast your eyes on some of my favorite photos. Continue reading

Have You Seized the Day???

Well if not, let me introduce you to a clothing lined called Carpe Diem Deformo which I got a chance to catch up with to hear that they have a new summer collection. I also learned a little more information about their t-shirt line as well as what their clothing line is all about. 

 Their summer line uses a little more colors on all their shirts.  Their first line was more of black and white tees and the designs having color but this time they decided to use more colors as you can see.  As far as their theme, they wanted the street wear look for wether you’re from the west or east coast, you can find something you like. You can dress it to your own style, wether your rockish, pop, or even the club theme.

Take a look at the new shirts