CityShopGirl Sex and the City 2 Event

I had the privilege of getting tickets to this sold out event. I was able to network and chit chat with a few people at the event. I got to meet Kelly with CityShopGirl, she was a sweetheart. I really respect her doing what she does with two kids, that is amazing to me. I hope I am able to multitask whenever I am to have kids.

This event went very smoothly. They had lots of food and drink specials. Bar Dupont was a great location, right in the middle of DC. It was a lovely day so you could either sit outside or sit inside. Me and my friends sat next to the dj who was jamming the whole time. I think we will be on the dj’s promo video because we yelled his name on their flip camera. I probably should have got the dj’s info so I could see the video after the fact. Oh well, it might turn up when I least expect it. LOL.

Take a peek at some of the pics from the event: