Dating & Fashion

I have these random thoughts that pop up in my head at any given moment.  I wanted to bring up a topic of dating and fashion.  This sparks my attention because I am one of those people that will have 5 different colors on and you will have to walk down the street with me. LOL!

I have had boyfriends that are not fashionable or they don’t care about it. I’ve even had guys say why are you wearing that or could you not wear 5 colors?  I’ve also dated guys that are fashionable and they get it and embrace it.  I care a lot about what I wear even if I’m just running outside to get a newspaper, I need to have something decent on, SORRY!

I have come to the realization that if a guy can not respect what you are passionate about, then he is not for you. Be you, be fashionable, not SLUTTY, and just enjoy life.  I live by, “do what makes YOU happy.”   And guys, give us a break.  We have so much other stuff to deal with. Let us have fun and be different. 😉

Have any of my fashionable followers had to deal with this or conform to “toning it down” for a significant other?


I Have a Pickle to Pick With U

Ok so my mind is totally bamboozled….I need to know if I’m right or wrong….ok so what is the difference between talking to someone (in my words = wasting my time), dating (in my words = someone of potential boo material), and a relationship (in my words = we are together, we are faithful to each other)….now I need to know am I right or am I wrong….because I am just trying to get this down to a SCIENCE so I can end with all FUTURE mistakes….LMAO