Bikram Yoga Review

I signed up for Bikram (pronounced Be-crum) yoga which is yoga done in a 90+ degree heated room. It is an experience. You must go with the least amount of clothing you can wear because you sweat like no other. You are pretty much given verbal directions and you do pretty cool stretches such as the one above. I forgot how flexible I was but the heat helps you to be extremely limber. I felt like I got a really good workout as oppose to basic yoga. They definitely get you to test yourself which I like.

When it comes to working out, I need a challenge or I will get bored. I can’t say that I will go back once it gets warm out because leaving heat to go back into heat….ummm….not really a good mixture in my opinion. You are in the class for about 90 minutes so the workouts keep you going but you get a relaxing moment in between most which helps you to recuperate for the next exercise.

I took my first class at Bikram in Tenleytown if you were wondering where I went. Bikram is now offered all over so go and try it out if you have never tried it.