Thanksgiving Looks

Thanksgiving Looks


I decided to put together looks for various Thanksgiving gatherings. Some of us will be meeting up with family and that tends to be more of a casual look which leads me to the right or left outfit being appropriate for that. If you are going to a friendsgiving, you might spruce it up by wearing the look on the left. If you’re going to a Thanksgiving dinner with the new beaux, the middle look could be the perfect option. Just remember to give thanks and wear something that makes you feel good. *wink*


Hey Guys!!!!

I have been incognito! I have been on vacation, I needed it! Well anyway I had the pleasure of attending the Bethesda Row Boutique Week which is where I had the pleasure of seeing Dressed. It is a documentary about a guy who had family from Laos that moved to the U.S. for a better life. He grew up in an abusive home until he was put on the street at the age of 14. He went through foster homes while still trying to finish up high school. He did his first clothing line there.

He then graduated and went to college in NYC.  He decides to pursue his clothing line with full force. I don’t want to spill too much of the documentary but this is when things get real and they get interesting.

Here are some pictures::::

The Director,  Nary, and Capitol File

Nary and a Fashion Consultant I met

Nary and I
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