Thanksgiving Looks

Thanksgiving Looks


I decided to put together looks for various Thanksgiving gatherings. Some of us will be meeting up with family and that tends to be more of a casual look which leads me to the right or left outfit being appropriate for that. If you are going to a friendsgiving, you might spruce it up by wearing the look on the left. If you’re going to a Thanksgiving dinner with the new beaux, the middle look could be the perfect option. Just remember to give thanks and wear something that makes you feel good. *wink*

Hello October

Hello October
Hello October!!! This is my favorite month for many reasons. The clothing I get to wear this month and the dark colors that go along with it. Halloween is the night I get to hunt through my closet and see what character I can create. I also tend to spend more time at home because it is cooler out and get lost in a book. I have two books I’m obsessing over; Night Film and Gone Girl. I have finally dived in Night Film and it’s amazing. Next will be Gone Girl even though the movie is out Today. Eek. I must go see it.
What are things you all looking forward to in October?

Transition Time…

Transitioning Time
This is the time of the year when everyone is seeing fall clothing pieces in stores but it’s still too warm to totally dive in and actually want those pieces. I know I have been seeing some cardigans myself but I’ll wait.
I also love the transition period because this is when you can mix the fall pieces with the summer pieces. I love everything about layering and mixing and matching. It makes me warm and fuzzy inside…lmao! Seriously though.
I wanted to create a look that combines a little bit of both seasons together but it’s also simple and not too hard to accomplish. You can do it! 😉
Happy Transition Season!

Time for New Colors Giveaway

As we all know Autumn officially starts Sunday. I am actually super excited because this is a beautiful season. It’s a season where you can catch a nice breeze but still have a nice sunny day.  I love it! It’s also a time to bring those pieces we couldn’t wear this summer that we have been waiting to bring out.

Fall is a time to layer up and wear darker colors. What better time to get new nail polishes?! I am giving away 3 Essie colors and my favorite matte top coat, ‘Matte About You’. These are apart of my great giveaway where you can express your creative fashion side. I want you all to create a look on my favorite styling site Polyvore! YAY! The outfits should be something that are inspirational from the colors and represent Fall.

You must be following this blog to enter. All you have to do is post your link to my comments section and may the odds be in your favor!


This contest ends on Sunday, September 22nd at 11:59pm est. Contest is only open to those in the U.S.


Ok so I have a secret shoe website that I will not disclose where I find all my hottest shoes; especially my favorite brand (Seychelles). They always send me an email when new shoes are out or they have some kind of theme they are focusing on. This fall with the focus of suede, ruffles, zippers, bows (how I love BOWS =) and fabric shaped as flowers I am in shoe HEAVEN, but that’s nothing new. *wink*

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