Franky’s Street Style Edition ATL SHAWTY

While in ATL I decided to get some pictures of some trendy folks I saw. One just happened to be a friend I hadn’t seen in ages! I was so excited to see her and she looked fab!!!

Here is mi amiga Qiana:::

Next is a Fashion student from the Art Institute in Atlanta. She looked freaking amazing!!! She took being bold to a new level and I adored! And she was from DC! ^_^
Check her out here:::


Franky J Has Captured Your Style

It has been a good long while since I have had the chance to catch street style. I really should have gotten a picture of myself today, but I can now save that outfit for another day. =)

I was waiting at my metro station and this young lady’s shoes kept catching my eye, I couldn’t resist.


Franky J Has Captured Your Style

I found out that a friend that I did DC Fashion Week a while ago was in town so we decided to hang for a bit before he headed back to NY. He is pursuing a modeling career and is well on his way with his various looks. He definitely stands out from the crowd.

Take a look at his look.

Franky J Has Captured Your Style Twice

While at Howard I was able to catch a trendsetter. Her look was pretty chill but eye catching to me. I love natural hair, I guess because I am a natural and I loved her pants and shoes. It was so laid back but fashionable.

Last but not least here is a picture of my friend Ziggy. I thought her outfit was so fall feeling and colorful.
Here is a picture of a sweater I found to be cool. The person didn’t want any pictures so here is the sweater. 
And I continue with my nude pump obsession. A friend had on a pair with a heel to die for! I actually ended up finding some nude suede pumps, they are different but I will love them for this fall/winter season. Enjoy these pumps for the time being.

Franky J Has Captured Your Style G.H.O.E. Style

While at my homecoming, I ran into some trendsetters on top of some cool pieces that will be posted below. 
ENJOY! =) 
Toni was spotted on the yard and was being shy *tisk tisk*, but check out this cool outfit and the shoes 
Next up is Phre$h with his debonair style, you never know what to expect from this dude. I think his style is pretty unique and I am ALWAYS excited to see the next look. 
Next UP are pieces or things that I found quite trendy.
(I must get a pair of NUDE PUMPS…it’s a must!!!)

Franky J Has Captured Your Style NYC Style

I know that NYC is the fashion capitol but I was able to catch some trendsetters and get their pictures. I found various trendsetters on Fashion Night Out, one at Manuel de la Cruz’s show, and one on train the last day I was there. I will also include pieces that I found to be pretty cool or unique.

Random trendy finds……