Trunk Club DC

I was invited to Trunk Club DC by Tippi to check out what it is she was working on as well as seeing what amazing pieces she pulled for me and others that attended.

Hey Tippi!

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Thanksgiving Looks

Thanksgiving Looks


I decided to put together looks for various Thanksgiving gatherings. Some of us will be meeting up with family and that tends to be more of a casual look which leads me to the right or left outfit being appropriate for that. If you are going to a friendsgiving, you might spruce it up by wearing the look on the left. If you’re going to a Thanksgiving dinner with the new beaux, the middle look could be the perfect option. Just remember to give thanks and wear something that makes you feel good. *wink*

The Short Haircut Wave

I been on.  I think that this wave is amazing. It is time to let your real hair shine is what I think is happening. We are giving guys and even women a false look into how we actually look or should actually look.

If you can rock a short haircut, it’s no stopping you. A lot of celebrities have taken the leap. Some of these celebrities are Beyonce of recently, Rihanna of recently, and Miley’s hair has just been to die for. I just did a random tweet yesterday about hair and teeth which was totally inappropriate but was called for. I hear the price of weave and it makes me cringe sometimes. Why add and not just make what you have look fabulous.

Take a look at Beyonce’s new leap! I think it looks great and no I’m not a Beyonce stan but I call out what I like.

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Ok so while trying to log onto Myspace, I see a page to go to which is for Romeo….to my surprise it was “LIL ROMEO” well the “LIL ROMEO” I remember. He is not little any more. Boy how time flies…he is pretty handsome I must say. Supposedly he has a video that came out on February 17th, has anyone seen it? Because I sure haven’t seen it…lol. This just caught my attention out of nowhere because he definitely disappeared off the face of the earth…well so I thought…