Weekend Edition HU Homecoming and Halloween

So it’s been a while since I have done a weekend entry….like a long time. Well this weekend started out on Friday evening by going by the mall to pick up a few things and then off to sushi with a friend I needed to play catch up with. We got a win by stopping at a happy hour sushi spot which had $1 per piece which can add in the end…#YIKES. LOL! Well anyway the sushi was amazing. Afterwards, we hit up F21 by Metro Center and then to H&M so I could find my red and white shirt for my Where’s Waldo costume for Halloween. My night pretty much ended after this because everyone was already heading their merry way.

On Saturday I was in the house until I had to head out to see my best friend’s group called ABHO perform at 93.9’s section at Mickey D’s on Georgia Ave. They put on a show as ALWAYS! People were like are ya’ll signed?! They need to be….these chicks were the only group to get the crowd moving. After this I headed home to get ready for my friend’s birthday tattoo party and to a little boutique opening. We were a little late to the boutique opening of Artaya. I apparently I got an article about this artist months ago and didn’t even know it. We picked up gift bags upon exiting and I found a pretty gold OPI color that I can not wait to wear! Next we headed to the tattoo/birthday party which was too fun because everyone was feeling lovely by the end of the night. I had a lot of fun! =)

My Sunday ended with me picking up the last bit of stuff I needed or wanted like some nude suede pumps because November marked my month of no shopping and I am even including cd’s, clothes, shoes…basically things that are not a necessity. I will see how long I go before my mind gives in. I think I can do it. I ended the night by going to Policy’s Halloween party which was crazy packed. I wasn’t expecting so many people but it was pretty fun. I caught some of the most unique costumes on camera. I like when people think outside the box.

Enjoy pictures from the weekend.

My sushi plate…YUM!

Dragon Roll (my friend got this, it had eel YIKES!)

Heading down to Howard’s festivities
ABHO doing there thing

Tattoo Party
Birthday Cupcakes!
U Street Halloween madness

Princess from Mario Brothers…saw this on the way to the mall on Sunday
Janelle Monae
Where’s Waldo and The Cat 
Lady GaGa
LL Cool J’s TWIN! lol