Ms. Holly Fitzgerald

I was honored to meet such an ambitious woman. Her name is Holly Fitzgerald. She is a woman with many talents. She is from Washington, D.C. She has a background in Fashion Merchandising and Marketing where she studied in London and met a mutual friend (we live in such a small world…LOL). She sews, creates, styles, does make-up and much much more. Holly got started with the jewelry business by trying to see what Washingtonians are into as far as trends. She found out from her research that we love unique and exclusive things, things that can’t be found at your average store in the mall.

She found different artists that make unique things and decided to sale their items in DC. Her first artist is from Atlanta and she makes some really unique earrings and her line is called frome2u. Her earrings are amazing and I snagged a pair, already received compliments within the first time wearing them. I need a second pair ASAP! She also does PR work for an artist by the name of michaelTHOMAS out of LA. He is having an event next Thursday, March 25th at Treasury on 14th Street with wine tasting. It is a free event, it should be great.
The frome2u jewelry from Atlanta has been featured in Sister to Sister, on various celebs, hair shows, and more.
Holly can be contacted through her blog or through email at

Me in a pair of frome2u Earrings

Here are some other earrings from frome2u (I need this leopard pair NOW!)