Kanye West Collection Debuted in Paris

So on twitter, a few days ago, I remember someone tweeting back and forth about Kanye debuting a new collection today. I remember Kanye doing this long rant about how he got funds for creating his first collection and how he did most of it on his own. I think that is pretty amazing for an artist to take it upon themselves to create anything of their own because most people pay others to design and come up with their collections of clothing and shoes. I think that is sad and they shouldn’t totally get credit for it.

The new collection seems to be on the darker side with the smoky eyes and all black from head to toe garments. The models were apparently complaining about the shoes…OUCH! I don’t think anyone will be purchasing those shoes. But he has some pretty nice pieces especially the sheered top with the fur on the bottom, MY KIND OF TOP! But I collected a few pictures of some of the pieces I liked.

Here Are Some of the Pieces::

My favorite pieces!!!
(All pictures were taken from http://hiphopwired.com/)