Kid Cudi Feat. MGMT (Alternate Version)

What a great combo….I definitely wasn’t a big fan of the album but I fell head over heels for this song. I wasn’t in the best mood when seeing this video but it definitely caught my attention.


So I have some good news guys….I got picked for a Black Collection Commercial Shoot. I am excited. Not sure what doors this is going to open for me….not really sure, but I am down for the cause. This clothing line is great…if you’ve never heard of it, check out……

On another note of fashion….I am in a fashion show called Art is Life Movement on May 31st……this show is going to be full of talents, modeling, creativity, and body art….it will be going down in DC…..anyone want more info comment under this entry or send me a message….

A hot song that gets me hype….some new ish with KID CuDi and WaLe…what you know about this…

Playing in my MIX as you READ MY BLOG =)