Courtesy of Photog Rence

I did a shoot last year when MJ died as a salute to him but she decided to wait until the annivesary of his death to post them. 

Take a look at me as MJ….how did I do??

Modeling FLASHBACK…some oldies but GOODIES

Can’t wait to do this new shoot….SO EXCITED!!!….I wish I could spill some beans about it but it’s going to ruin the surprise…just be ready =)….

An original from the “Zombie Collection”. My friend Marcus started out with this collection but has definitely flourished since this. =)

This pic is from one of my favorite photographers who always held me down at A&T: DeAan Pridgeon

This photographer right here….she is THE BOMB…we have a shoot coming up in about a week…Lawrencia Taylor…she is on her WAY!

I had to add one more….LOL