Protect Yourselves…Female Condoms on the Rise???

I am a stickler for being in the know or just reading. I love to find things so what does that take, RESEARCH and much reading.

I got an email from the CityPaper about free events and movie screenings that you can win tickets to. I already put my name in for two *crossing my fingers*.

I ran across an extremely interesting article about the female condom. I was lucky enough to learn about this contraceptive in the 10th grade. Many teens at that age know only about the male condom. The article discusses how at a hair gallery, they have the female condoms sitting out and are free to take. The bad thing about it is that they have been sitting there for weeks. I think that females are scared to try things that they don’t know or haven’t been taught about. What I say, is to do your research, it is only to protect you. I can personally say I have seen one in person and it is quite interesting and it seems a little complicated to have on, but I say if more woman promote it and teach other females how it can be used, I think it will become pretty common in the months or years to come.

This year, Washington will be the first city to roll out a large-scale promotion aimed at getting women to use the female form of contraception that few even consider. M.A.C. gave a $500,000 grant which went to 5 local non-profit organizations that will distrubute 500,000 free female condoms at nail salons, barbershops, health centers and liquor stores around the area. I can say that they picked perfect spots to distrubute them, so two thumbs up for that.

To read more in depth into the article go to: Is $500,000 Enough to Get Anyone to Use the Female Condom?