Manuel de la Cruz

This is the post that I couldn’t wait to write about SHEESH! LOL. So basically there is a designer whose show I saw in February and I was extremely impressed, like wow! So I made sure I stayed in contact and I was able to volunteer for the show this past Saturday. This was an 8 hour volunteer job but it was oh so worth it.

We got there and introduced ourselves. I found out that most of the volunteers were LIM students, there were three from the DMV including me, and the rest were from elsewhere. There were some pretty cool people there into various majors but mostly fashion majors, so I felt right at home. I was the only one with high heels on, I just felt like it was oh so appropriate if you ask me.

The day went on to putting together gift bags, eating a big lunch, then putting the bags away in a room to be given out, helped dress a male model (ohhh la la…LOL!), having sushi for my second meal of the day (can we say YUMMY!!!) and I assisted Manuel (the designer) by trying to keep the models from exiting the room (they were ancy)…LOL! I got to listen in on some of the press that were interviewing him and what his line was inspired from but I kept missing exactly what it was but had something to do with this home which is Guatemala.

There were lots of trendsetters here and I even invited some Aggies to come, so it was great seeing familiar faces in a whole other city and environment. I think we can pretty much fit in anywhere.

The show went well and the clothes were pretty cool as I already knew they would be.

Take a look at some of the snapshots and video:

2nd Meal of the day….

The model I helped style/dress
The press taking over and interviewing Manuel
Free and I…gotta love him =)

Manuel de la Cruz

Aggie Pride
Manuel and I