Marni for H&M Recap

Last week I decided to attempt to get up to try to scope out some pieces from the Marni for H&M collection. I couldn’t believe I actually woke up and made it to H&M by 8am. There was a mini line and we were all given wristbands which allowed us to go into view the collection to purchase it various time slots and my time slot was 8:45am. Once my time started, I only had 15 minutes to grab some things and try them on.

I grabbed a few things but wish I stayed in and looked a little longer but I probably spent enough on the two pieces I got. I was wishing there was some jewelry left but there wasn’t any left. =(

Here are pictures from my experience and what I snagged….enjoy!!!

They let me keep this cool hanger.
I pretty much ended my evening on this note….cute little cake right?!