Men’s Vintage Shops in the DC Area

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I have taken the hunt of finding vintage finds for guys in the Washington, DC area. I know that there are plenty of spots but I just don’t think guys have patience like women to look through loads and loads of clothing that are all different and nothing is alike.

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I decided to do some research as well as use my some of my own vintage spots that I have been to many times. There are some stores that have loads of mens clothing and others that have small sections.
I will start out with the stores that I have seen the large sections. The first will have to be Georgia Ave Thrift which is located at 6100 Georgia Ave NW and this store has a huge section for men. You have to take a serious look but you might get lucky.
Georgia Ave Thrift Yelp Site
PollySue in Takoma Park has an entire downstairs portion dedicated to men’s vintage wear. They have some pretty unique pieces. I also always find that one piece for myself that is unique and one of a kind.
PollySue’s Website

Another place that will probably have a pretty big selection for guys is the Goodwill located at 2200 South Dakota Ave. I have never personally been inside this thrift store but I remember as a kid, we would drop stuff off here quite often. I would imagine them having a huge selection.
There is a new thrift shop that collects a lot of name brand merchandise that is a part of Martha’s Kitchen and it is called Martha’s Outfitters which is located on 14th st, not too far from U Street.
Martha’s Outfitters
Some stores that have small selections but could be worth your while is It’s Vintage Darling. I have seen some super cool pieces here for guys. They are quite selective and pick some of the most amazing vintage pieces. (not any men’s clothing available online)
I hope that I was able to cover your vintage needs because I know it can be hard trying to figure out where to go. I love vintage shops and love quality and unique pieces that no one else will have.

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Good luck with your vintage hunt fellas!

P.S. There is one more that I found out from a friend that is called Dr. K’s and it is located on U Street. They focus on men’s vintage clothing in particular.
Check them out here!