No DC Beverage Tax

Well as a Washingtonian, I try to stay in the loop with what the heck is going on. I have been seeing these ads about DC Beverage Tax and I am so not for it. People are already pissed about having to pay for parking until 10pm at night when people want to park their cars and not have to worry if they are going to have a ticket on it. And now we have to pay 5 cents for a plastic or paper bag to put our food in, MADNESS. Next is metro fares are going the h*ll up very soon and I am so not happy about that.

Well all this negativety being said brings me to that if you live in DC, you can have a say so in something this go round. I would suggest that you go to this website and sign the petition as soon as possible or we could be taxed per once for our drinks on top of what it already costs. I have already signed up and I suggest you all do the same and spread the word.