Would You Pose Nude???

This is the question of the hour…well somewhat of the hour. This past weekend, I did a somewhat close to nude shoot for my friend that is taking a photography class. I promised myself to only do a shoot close to nude with a friend/female photographer. It’s just a comfort zone there. The pics don’t show anything crazy and they are very tasteful. I can’t wait to see the finished result. My friend was talking about doing a possible gallery of the pictures she does with her whole project and I was like that would be great.

So today I am reading the Express paper and run across an article about nude modeling and how it can be a liberating way to support the arts and make some cash. I think if I did ever do anything like this, it would be in New York where I don’t really know anyone and would probably never run into whoever saw me again. I also read about how you have to keep still and find a pose that works for you. They say it’s not just a walk in the park but it’s actual work. This is something I shall keep on the brain….sounds spontaneous yet liberating.

To read more about nude modeling, here is the website: Figuremodelsguild.org