This Skinny Girl Likes to Eat Too Edition

If you all don’t know already, Recess is now a tapas lounge. They do still have the parties here and there but they wanted to expand a little. Who doesn’t love tapas? I remember going to Recess in March because a friend offered a free dinner for my friends and I. We went and all ordered various dishes, the food was okay. Their wasn’t anything that stuck out to me and made me want to return. Continue reading

oBBsessed with BB Cream

If you all don’t know about BB Cream I am here to fill you in. Because I work in skincare, I will be filling you all in on this product and what it can do for your skin. Before I begin I must let you  all know that BB Cream stands for Beauty Balm or Blemish Balm. I have been faithfully using the Kiehl’s BB Cream for about a month now I would say. I am thoroughly impressed with the natural coverage and knowing that the Vitamin C in the product is actually working on clearing my skin while I have the product on. Continue reading

How Do You Feel?

Ok so the whole gay world is on the rise. Do you all feel that young men are no longer the young men they used to be. We have down low brothers now….Do you think the music industry and fashion world has something to do with it? Let me know…watch this video….it is just really interesting how times have changed…..
Mind you the caucasian girls are SERVING!!!!