It’s Time to Wine Down

So SkinnyPop says! We all love a good snack, well, at least, I do. I had the chance to really dive into Skinnypop and pair it with a wine. Sounds strange?! I thought so too, but I was up for the challenge!

I hunted down which stores carried SkinnyPop and they fun began. I was able to find three out of the six with some flavor. I thought that a flavor would be the best option to pair with a wine. Once the popcorn was selected, I was easily able to find the various wine to pair along with the Skinnypop flavors.

Here is a chart of what wines should be paired with which Skinnypop, just so you have an idea where all of this came from. 😉 Continue reading

DC Eats: Republic

When friends are in town, what do we do? We go out to eat and drink as much as we can while catching up about life. We had a place in mind to do happy hour but the happy hour wasn’t right and the vibes weren’t right either. So, we made our way to Republic. I’ve probably been to this place 4 or 5 times but I figured by this point, it was time to add them to my blog. Continue reading

DC Eats: Pennsylvania 6

 I started my evening out with a Hip Hop dance class at the Dance Place in Brookland. Ah-ma-zing is all I have to say. Check it out! After since two foodies/bloggers knew it was Restaurant Week in DC, we had to find somewhere to eat. We decided to check out Pennsylvania 6. This place is a twist on 20th Century ‘London Supper Club’ aesthetic. They even offered to take our coats right before being seated. I loved that. Very nice layout but on to the food. We started out with sparkling water and a signature drink.  Continue reading

DC Eats: Cafe Saint-Ex

Let me just start by stating that I know too many Scorpios. I had to meet up with one of my good Scorpio friends to finish her birthday weekend with her. We wanted to go to Lost Society but they were closed due to maintenance. Their loss. 

We made our way to Cafe Saint-Ex which is super cute! Very low key but good food and drinks. I actually think our waitress hooked it up with the mimosas. Thank you! The service was pretty good. Brunch went until 4pm which you can’t beat so you can sleep in a little. 

I went for the carb cake sandwich which was probably one of the best crab cake sandwiches I’ve ever had in my life. It was the perfect texture and it was accompanied with fries. Who doesn’t love fries? This dish was $16. The mimosas runneth over. I probably had 5 mimosas hence why I had the worst headache ever when I got home. They have a mimosa special where you pay $10 for the first mimosa and then $1 for each after. They fill up your cup too so I loved that.


Skin Bliss Review

I love skincare as some of you may know, I worked in skincare for 2 years. I love to try new products out. The new company is called Skin Bliss. This company noticed there was something missing in their skincare products when they moved to a new state. They were able to create Vegan beauty products for the skin. These products are not tested on animals nor do they contain parabens and toxins just to name a few about these new products. They are created by hand. 

I got to test out the body scrub and the body frosting. I love the name body frosting because it actually feels like you are putting body frosting on your body. The Vanialla Beam scent is amazing. The scent does go away so feel free to put whatever perfume or scent you would like to wear that day because it will not over power it. You do, however feel moisturized the entire day which I was thoroughly impressed with. The Grapefruit scent of the body scrub was not my favorite which could be a personal opinion. The scrub was however amazing on my body and feet. I am usually on my feet for 8 hours if not longer a day so a nice scrub at night is like being at an at-home spa. I liked my results.

Definitely check out this brand and products. They do cost you $22 each but will last you for quite a while. You will not be disappointed. I would now need to check out the Key Lime Body Frosting. Yum! 

DC Eats: Smith Commons

I am still somewhat on my pescatarian journey but I lasted through my 30 days and have now slowly added other meats back in. I am still preferring the healthier eating because I feel better all together. But anyway back to where I went for Happy Hour.

I met up with one of my friends I hadn’t seen in a while to catch up and eat and drink good. *cheers* We walked along H street to see what deals sounded the best. Smith Commons sounded pretty good with an all night Happy Hour on a Monday. That’s pretty cool. 

For the Happy Hour, they include lots of beers and some wine at $5 – $7 each. You can’t beat that. I ordered the Cider and the Malbec. 

We were also hungry and I decided to go for items with seafood. I went for the ceviche and the mussels. Both were fresh and flavorful. The ceviche was so good and is made with Chatham cod, tiger prawns, soft onions, cilantro, tomato, and lemon juice. *drools* The Prince Edward Island Mussels are made with Thai lemongrass, coconut, curry sauce and garlic crostini. They say to save your bread until the end to dip in the sauce. The sauce was so flavorful. 



DC Eats: Zentan

As you all should have known, Resturant Week was last week. I ate too much food by the way, lol. I’m here to fill you in on all the experiences. My first stop was Zentan. Zentan specializes in contemporary Japanese comfort food with influences from Chef Yo Matsuzaki’s childhood in Shikoku, Japan.

We all started off with a drink. Whenever I go to a Japanese restaurant, I love to get plum wine. It is one of my favorites. I tried their Choya plum wine which was quite potent and it comes with a cute small bottle.

 We actually ended up having a five course meal for $35 which was a steal. Everyone starts out with edamame which is blanched soy beans with sea salt. The Kinko miso soup comes with Shimeji mushroom, tofu, and scallion. Both very delicious. I was really impressed how they included mushrooms in their miso soup. I have grown to love mushrooms.   Continue reading

DC Eats: Barcelona

It’s quite rare that I’m asked to dinner and to pick somewhere I’ve never been. I was a little stumped. I had to put my thinking cap on, as they would tell us to do as kids lol, and I came up with two places. One was soon to close but Barcelona was open the latest.

I looked over the menu somewhat before I got there but you have to actually be at the restaurant to get the run down of everything. I’ve been to Spain but not Barcelona. I guess the dishes are very different in Malagá. I tried so many things and most of it was really good and really fresh. Continue reading

We Don’t Support Cosmo Nails DC

So I get off in time from work to make it to what I think is the happy hour at the Cosmo Nail shop in Adams Morgan. I’ve been to this place before and had a great experience. I have a story for you this second time.

I am headed to the nail shop and I look online before I get there and see that you can get a Gel Manicure & Pedicure for $50. I want you all to read that statement one more time for me and tell me what you guys read. 

So anyway they are really nice throughout the process and now it’s time to pay. They say oh, the pedicure is $45 and the manicure is $26. I say, oh no it’s not. The website says it’s a Gel Manicure and Pedicure for $50. Instead of them giving great customer service, the manager argues me down. I tell her all I’m willing to pay is $50 because that is what is on the website. Next, is what took me over the edge. She threatens to call the police and you know what I tell her, please do!

She calls and I listen in to what she’s saying. I don’t have time for lies and I’m also still in shock that me as a paying customer showed the website and she says oh that’s for a regular pedicure. Not on any line of the website does it say with that combo is a regular manicure.

I sit and wait for about 20 minutes for the police to get there. She then goes and finds some paper, not the website and shows the prices I was never shown nor never read. I kind of go back and forth with her and then I tell the police officer to please look at the website.

He looks at the site and see’s what I see. He talks to the manager privately and during this time ANOTHER officer shows up. I’m furious but I’m also keeping my composure. These situations require a black woman to keep her composure because things could have went left quickly. I was beyond angry. 

The manager keeps going on and on about how it doesn’t say “and gel manicure” but did it say “and regular manicure”? No it did not!

The other cop hears the story and the cops both side with me after about 45 minutes. They say she saw $50 so she can pay that. Once I pay for it the manager is still being rude to me. I said we all could have been done with this an hour ago. I pay and leave.

I just want to say I have never been to an establishment that does not make a customer happy. This shop is new and in Adams Morgan where a lot of Caucasians live. I guess the Asians thought because I’m black that I don’t know my rights and that I don’t know what I saw. I felt really insulted and I hope that anyone that is black does not support this business in any way. This is not how you treat your customers. 

Georgia Eats: RA Sushi Bar Restaurant

  I had the chance to escape DC and meet up with friends in Georgia. It was a weekend full of celebrations. My friend got his MBA and I got promoted at work. It was just a great energy all weekend.

When in Georgia, you must go out and enjoy the food and festivities. We made our way to RA Sushi Bar Restaurant. The set up of this place was amazing with the high ceilings and the Japanese art throughout. 

 I started off with a Moscow Mule which is pretty much a Dark and Stormy but made with vodka. One of my favorite drinks. The first dish I started out with was a seaweed salad which is always so flavorful.  

   Next I ordered the California Roll which was not the best to me. It had imitation crab which I’m used too but this was definitely not the best California Roll I’ve ever had. 
 I just wanted to try everything on the menu so next, I ordered Ra”ckin’ Shrimp which is made with crispy shrimp that is served with creamy ginger teriyaki dipping sauce (pictured in the front). This dish that looked so beautiful (pictured in the back) was the Viva Las Vegas Roll which has crab and cream cheese rolled in rice and seaweed, lightly tempura battered and topped with spicy tuna, crab mix and sliced lotus root; finished with a sweet eel sauce and spinach tempura bits. This was so good but at this point I was so full from trying everyone else’s food that I had to share most of it. 

 I think the food here is overall pretty good. This is a great spot for a large group or even a date. The happy hour has pretty reasonable prices which is when we went and that made me more open to try more things. It’s moderately priced and sushi is sometimes not too filling so it can add up. Lol.