Chris Brown and Rihanna Back together?

Ok so the rumor is that Chris Brown and Rihanna are back together. I just personally think that if a man or BOY abuses or puts his hands on you, that should be it. You should be throwing the towel and walking away. Some females tend to be addicted to the guy because of the money he gives her, the sex, the guy looks good so it is “OKAY” or the female is with the guy so long that she feels if she leaves him she will be lonely the rest of her life.
Females, it’s time to WAKE UP!!!! This example of getting beat up and going back is NOT ACCEPTABLE. This situation is making females think it is okay to accept getting beat up. This situation makes me sad because they are both young and they both had their careers going. I personally think Chris Brown screwed up his whole career. He does still have his die hard fans but he definitely lost me as a fan. I thought he was better than that.
Guys, I hope you never think it is okay to put your hands on a female. I don’t care if the female cheated, left you for another man, GAVE YOU SOMETHING….which is the rumor with this situation. That is no excuse to beat her. Yes she was wrong as hell, but just know that if you do put your hands on her, YOU ARE GOING DOWN and I don’t mean that in a good way. You might be serving some nice time in jail. 
Ending this whole on going issue with….be choosy and smart with who you decide to let into your life and have a relationship with. I will suggest that talking things out and having communication in a relationship is always key.
I’m Out….just had to give a session on that….