Where Have You Been?

I know that a lot of you are probably wondering that. I took a job in May that changed my life in many, many ways. I was starting to work more than I could remember. I became a Wardrobe Stylist with Trunk Club  which is a full-time, if not all of the time type of job. I am constantly communicating with clients in the DC area and clients all over the United States.

It’s pretty crazy how many people I talk to on a daily, weekly basis.

But I do plan to post more fashion posts that make sense with current fashion since I’m looking at clothes just about every day. I should use that inspiration for my own blog posts, so I’ll be back! 🙂

What have you guys been up to?

Trunk Club One on One

You all probably saw the group Trunk Club DC post of when I went to see Tippi at Trunk Club. I had the chance to create a trunk with Tippi. I started out with creating a profile of what my style is and what brands I tend to shop. They also ask your shoe size, clothing size, and pant size. It’s very detailed so the stylist can be sure to choose the items closest to your size. Tippi then took this information and picked various pieces for me including shoes. I was very pleased with what she chose me. Some were some pieces I might’ve never gone for on my own.

I took my trunk to meet Tippi at the trunk club. The cool thing about this is that you have the option to try everything ok at home and keep what you would like to pu chase and send back hate de didn’t quite work out. Going in is cool because your greeted and asked what you would like to drink during your styling session. Very comfortable environment. Continue reading

Smile for Me Baby

 …Let me see ya grill. The only issue with this picture is that I never recieved my Grillz. I decided to take it to the Internet early February for Grillz. I found what I thought at the time was a credible site. I call the phone number on the website and a gentlemen answers. We set up a time and place to meet at one of his 3 or 4 offices. DC was most convenient for me. I get to the office on time and here he comes maybe 20 minutes later. I had a gut feeling to just call it a quits but I wanted these Grillz for my birthday party.  Continue reading

Pantone 2016

Pantone 2016

The Romper Invasion

The Romper Invasion
This is the time of the year one one piece makes life that much easier. Rompers are still very chic on but can save you a lot of time trying to figure out an outfit. You throw it on with a bathing suit underneath and you are pool or beach ready. This is all a great piece for going out in. You can throw heels on and you are going out ready. One of my favorite pieces to have during the warmer times of the year.

Beach Party Wear

Beach Party Wear


Where has time gone? I remember turning 25 and next thing I know I’m turning 29. What a journey life has taken me on. It’s helped me to grow as well as see life from all angles. Things have been a challenge in various aspects but they have all helped me to grow and know that I am a unique person. I will continue to be unique because it makes me, me. 

 I am grateful for all that have continued with me on this journey called life. All of you keep me sane. Lol…believe or not. My brain goes a mile a minute and I love all of you for that. 

 Thanks for all the birthday wishes! I felt so special on my birthday and I still feel special. 😀

Here are a few photo recaps from the weekend I had on IG

Adams Morgan Day!!

I had a Sunday off which meant, Sunday Funday. I was trying to figure out what to do and then I remembered it was Adams Morgan Day. This day brings various clothing, art, and food vendors. They block off most of the streets in Adams Morgan which only happens on this day. I met up with a friend of mine and her precious son. We had a pretty good time with all the music and people to see.

I brought my camera with me and decided to snap away. I knew there would be tons to see.

DSC_0715 Continue reading

Hidden Gem in Old Town


It was one of those days that I wasn’t in a rush to go anywhere after I got off of work.  There was a new store that was three doors down from my job that goes by the name of Maggie Jane’s Brownstone that I was meaning to check out. I finally had the time to take it all in. It is nine rooms of vintage furniture, jewelry, signs, lamps, and more. It’s a vintage French urban chic boutique.

I felt like I was walking back in time. I love everything vintage and one of a kind. I walked in all nine rooms to see what they had to offer and I got more and more excited with every room I went into. The prices aren’t outrageous either.

I was mesmerized by the earrings which ran about $25. The earrings were super unique and I just had to have them. 

I also got to chat with the owner that is very nice and very creative. She set up the entire shop and it is really appealing to the eye. The front window alone kept catching my eye every time I walked pass and I knew I needed to eventually stop in. You will not be disappointed. 











You can find out more about this super cool shop Facebook & Pinterest 

There is also a website to check out here