If you have the express newspaper and you know when my birthday is, you will laugh soooo sooo hard at what it said as my horoscope. I laughed so hard because my boss always says “you look cute today” but I appreciate the compliment. The horoscope said to run from anyone that says that to me today…interesting…LOL.

But anyway what I wanted to talk about was something else I read in the Express newspaper which was about the World Cup being in Johannesburg, S. Africa which I coincidentally watched District 9 yesterday which took place there in the movie. I swear everything I do links or connects me to something or someone…I live an interesting life to say the least. Anyway the article I read was talking about this long horn called the vuvuzela which has all this different history of where it came from and who first started the whole phenomenon. Well apprently at the World Cup, just about everyone will have one even though they were trying to ban them because they make this really loud, monotone sound.

This made me think back to when I ran at the Penn Relays like 6 1/2 years ago and the last day, they would have some Olympic runners run and those Jamaicans would have those loud horns….sigh….*memories*….and it would always be USA vs. Jamaica.

Well my point of writing this was to say how awesome it is for South Africa to have the World Cup there and we will be able to view it as a beautiful place instead of all the negativity people try to say about certain places which leaves us one minded instead of knowing that wherever you go, there are always bad parts and good parts.