Bloggers That Volunteer

I definitely have a passion for volunteering when I can. I think that blogging is amazing but even more amazing when you can contribute to those younger than you to give them some inspiration.

I was asked by the lovely ladies of Red Sprinkle to come and speak at the summer program at Ron Brown Elementary School. They were lucky enough to be able to teach a group of teenage girls about the blogging and fashion world. They had days of learning about make up, styling, blogging, and photography.

I had a great time teaching them about blogging, modeling, and photography. They were at first hesitant about getting dolled up and taking pictures but they all ended up getting involved and it was a great experience.

I enjoyed taking time out to teach them about my blogging world and my modeling past. I think all of us should take time to talk to our youth because I wish I had a lot of older people take time out to volunteer and talk to me about things they were involved in to inspire me when I was in high school.  Continue reading