DC Eats: Lost Society

I made it out to Lost Society for the umpteenth time but this time I decided to try a few more dishes I had never tried before. They have recently started a Tuesday night happy hour that is awesome because you can sit on the roof and watch the sunset.

The social bites are all half off during their happy hour and there some amazing choices. I ordered the chili and soy wings that is made with mustard seeds and scallions. Love these wings. I also ordered carmelized cauliflower because I am a huge fan of cauliflower as of a few years ago. I love them well seasoned. They just take on any flavor they are paired with. This particular dish is made with romesco sauce, roasted fennel, parmesan, and scallion oil. And last but not least, I got the mac n cheese which I am a sucker for. I could eat a whole dish of it by my myself. Their mac n cheese is made with smoked gouda, gruyere, cheddar, and fontina. It was amazing.

I didn’t have one bad dish or drink. This is always a good go to spot for any occasion.


Bar Bacon Review

While in NY, my friends always know the cool food spots. I got the chance to check out this spot called Bar Bacon where every dish includes bacon. Do not take your vegetarian friends or non pork eaters here, they’d hate you. Lol!

I had so many choices to make from the menu. So many good things to choose from.

I started out with brussels sprouts with bacon in a yogurt. So good! I will attempt to make this on my own.


I choose the pork wings with sauerkraut underneath. The waitress recommended this and I was thoroughly impressed. I tend to stray away from pork chops but this as wings was amazing!


My bff got chilli and their version of grilled cheese. I think he thought his was pretty good.


I will definitely make my way back to this place. Very good service, atmosphere, and food!

This Skinny Girl Likes to Eat Too Edition

I made my way to NYC about a week ago. Always a great escape and tons of new places to eat and explore. The first stop was Tao after kidnapping my best friend after his amazing show iLuminate. If you’ve never been to a show, you have to check it out!

Tao is humongous. I was a little overwhelmed when I walked in but in a good way. They have so many huge statues of buddhas to make you feel as if you are in another world. It’s beautiful and the service is superb. The food was delicious! I ordered a chicken pad thai and I was full once I was done. I hate spending more than usual on food and still feeling hungry once I’m finished. I also ordered a Lychee Martini. I love anything with Lychee, it reminds me of a pear.

IMG_20140621_103407 Continue reading

Daikaya for Dinner!

One of my very good friends that I have now known for about 6 years, time flies sheesh, is leaving me to go to the most amazing city, NYC. I had to make sure we met up for dinner and of course at a great food spot, it was a MUST!

I chose Daikaya which specializes in ramen and it is hands down amazing! Get there early because we waited for about 30 – 45 minutes for our table for 3, a friend came in town from NYC. When we were seated, we sat right at the kitchen which is starting to become my favorite seat at any restaurant. I had never been here but this place was on my go to list. Continue reading