Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas


So as you all know Valentine’s Day is less than two weeks away and the last minute shoppers are probably scrambling as we speak. Don’t know what to get that significant other? I’m here to help a little. I think thoughtful and useful gifts are the best to gifts to get. Valentine’s Day is geared around love and being thoughtful. Remember that while shopping.

Beauty Secret 101

I love to share my beauty secrets in hopes that you will find a great product to use for yourself.  I discovered this product while working at Kiehl’s.  I kept wondering what was so great about this product and then my coworker which has similar hair texture as me, tried it and loved it.

This amazing product is called Formula 133.  This product has been with Kiehl’s for years.  The product gets its unusual name from the fact that customers who were invited to test the product during development were so eager to have more that Kiehl’s chemists never had the chance to name the formula properly. “Formula 133” was their code name for their winning test sample.

This product can be used as a conditioner or a leave – in – conditioner. It is super lightweight yet effective. Whenever I use this product, my curls are always popping.  This is a must have!

It can cost you between $18 to $28.  Kiehl’s does offer samples if you aren’t sure about investing in this product, but I will say that a little bit goes a long away. You can also try to catch various promotions they have throughout the year, just FYI.


oBBsessed with BB Cream

If you all don’t know about BB Cream I am here to fill you in. Because I work in skincare, I will be filling you all in on this product and what it can do for your skin. Before I begin I must let you  all know that BB Cream stands for Beauty Balm or Blemish Balm. I have been faithfully using the Kiehl’s BB Cream for about a month now I would say. I am thoroughly impressed with the natural coverage and knowing that the Vitamin C in the product is actually working on clearing my skin while I have the product on. Continue reading

Skincare Favorites

Skincare Favorites
These are some of my favorites to use on my skin. The Covergirl Lashblast is actually not apart my collection but will be in the near future because I saw a friend using it and it makes the lashes look great. Creme de Corps (Creme-de-Core) body butter is one of Oprah’s favorites and definitely one of mine. It contains Soy Milk and Honey and it smells and feels great.  Biore Acne Clearing Scrub is amazing! I have been looking for a two in one cleanser and scrub for clearing my acne and blemishes. Maybelline BB Cream is one of the first BB creams I ever got and I love how it evens my skin tone and it’s super light weight.

Workout Time!

Workout Time
So now that the warm weather has returned, the outdoor working out is about to be in full effect!!! If this post goes up and I did not run, I will be angry with myself. I’m trying to get healthy again because with good health comes more energy. I feel like I am always tired and that is from the lack of working out.
Wish me luck! =)

Sports bra

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